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Significant Events:

1892— Publication of a German slang dictionary

1895— Moves to San Francisco

1908Pictures of Old Chinatown

1911— Relocates to New York, opening a studio on Fifth Avenue

1913Old Chinatown A Book of Pictures

An expanded edition of the Chinatown photos. Illustrates several other books for M. Kennerly from 1913-1916.

1914— Gives Dorothea Lange her first camera

1926Impressions of Old New Orleans

Arnold Genthe, Self Portrait
Self Portrait

from As I remember
Fe Alf (Wigman School)

Internet Sites:

Genthe's account of the 1906 SF Earthquake

Oranges on Golden Mountain

Selected Images

The Roll Call: A Masque of the Red Cross

Asian American Center

Fine Arts Center of San Francisco

LOC Collection

this Public Address entries on Genthe

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